Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will return from Australia today after a long meeting

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The way he discussed it in the defense field is perfect for India because India is now with all countries and wants to make good agreements. India does not want to have violent tendencies or enmity with any country. For this, Narendra Modi is continuously engaged in every kind of effort, and how he has shown his strategy within the last nine years is a big thing that he wants to have excellent relations with the country. He can’t live with anyone’s country in a worse way. In the last few days, many countries have said that India is not supporting Ukraine, but India has also given a befitting reply to the world.


Narendra Modi met the Prime Minister of Australia in Australia for a long time, and he also sat with him and discussed the security agencies of India and how the security system works. He also met the Prime Minister of Australia there. He also discussed the techniques of Australia’s security agencies, the changes in technology, and how he sees Australia’s technology inside India. Relations between India and Australia could have been better, and Narendra Modi has taken this step. He has continuously tried to meet the Prime Minister of Australia in the last few days.


The people of India will welcome the golden opportunity of the Prime Minister of Australia to come to India.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 3-day tour of Australia has ended, and he will leave for India today. Earlier, when he talked to the Prime Minister there, he invited him to come to the ODI World Cup to be held inside India this year, and he said that if he reaches the ODI World Cup, which will be held in India this year, all the leaders will be pleased. On this, the Prime Minister of Australia has said that he will try his best to reach India during this World Cup.


It is perfect for the Prime Minister of Australia to come to India during the World Cup in this way, and Narendra Modi has also said that a great festival like Diwali will be celebrated inside India during the World Cup, and he will bring this festival to Australia. India and Australia, The relations between the two, are going to be very good and it is also perfect for the security of both. Increasing their import and export in the coming times is possible.

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