BBC sued for defamation

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The Delhi High Court has taken a tough decision against the news reporting portal of BBC. It has issued summons to the Managing Director of the company in respect of a defamation suit which has been brought by a non profit organisation against the news reporting agency that a documentary released by BBC defames the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi. According to the claim of the non profit organisation the documentary which has been released by BBC depletes the deputation of the Indian Prime Minister and it is a serious condition which must be scrutinised by the court of law as soon as possible. The summons have been issued by the single bench of the court. According to the content of these official documents it has been reported that the documentary makes defamatory imputation and even caste remarks against the Prime Minister of India which is considered to be the highest position in this democratic world.


The Delhi High Court has also moved against other news agencies like Wikipedia and internet archives. The intention behind this move is to establish a permanent order against the organisation from broadcasting any kind of content which defames or reduces the political integrity of the Indian people. The defendant has also been given the power to file a statement within 30 days from the date of receiving the notice to appear in the court of law. The parties have the power to even indoors these official documents in the favour of the correct owners. According to the demand of the non profit organisation there is a need to file an unconditional apology and also pay up to rupees 10 lakh as a source of compensation. It has basically generated a suit and at the same point of time it has triggered a lot of public uproar. Such kind of media is responsible for creating public disorder. At the same point of time it has been able to generate a lot of fear and terror among the people. Different steps have been taken in order to control any kind of hate speech but people are taking advantage of all the liberties that have been granted to them by the constitution.


Not only this but also a separate his has been filed on the ground that Delhi University even prevented a scholar of PHD because he was involved in creating political disturbance in the campus for releasing a documentary which was against the sentiments of different communities. The university took strict action against all of these people because it was becoming the need of the hour to control such political disturbance. It has basically become a an important condition that has to be taken into consideration and controlled at the earliest. Over the period of time the awareness about these factors have increased to a great extent.

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