Cash and Gold discovered in Jaipur Bhawan

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According to the central investigation bureau around 7 employees of the Yojana Bhavan in Jaipur have been booked for money laundering. The basement of the building has been searched for and a total cash of 2.31 crores have been recovered from this part of the building. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan has been given entire information with respect to these details. It is important to understand that along with cash a lot of gold being 1 kg has also been recovered so far. All the important files have been scanned and a report has been filed and sent across to the investigation authorities. The seven employees have been taken into custody and the interrogation has already begun. The Jaipur police commissioner has not given any statement on this matter for the time being and has preferred to postpone the date of the press conference for the purposes of collecting evidence.


The basement was found accessible to these seven employees who were employed in that building. The security of the building has also been questioned and the Concerned ministry has been summoned to explain this entire situation. Until now the ownership of the entire money has not been questioned but the past transaction and will records of the employees have been ordered for presentation before the concerned officers. The police have also discovered that the cupboard from which all of the money and gold has been discovered was locked for several months. The CCTV footage has also not disclosed substantial evidence. The opposition leaders have targeted the Congress government and have explained this incident to be the result of the irresponsibility and fraudulent intention of the government to defraud the citizens of Rajasthan. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan has announced immediate investigation into the matter and has also given a deadline of one month to shut down this case. The BJP leaders and the AAP leaders have expressed this entire incident to be a part of the corruption scandals that the Congress government is running in Rajasthan for a long period of time now.


The Department of Information Technology and anti corruption bureau has been ordered to collect all the important data by scrutinising the bank accounts and other official records of the accused persons. This information is important to expose the intention of the accused persons and also find out the actual ministry who was responsible behind this entire incident. This is very important in order to increase the public’s confidence in the government because the elections are already around the corner and the Congress government cannot afford to lose this opportunity. The chief minister has released an unofficial statement that all the people who are responsible for this incident will be punished with the maximum punishment.

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