Crisis mount for America

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The financial crisis of The United States of America seems to aggravate over the period of time. But the president of America Joe Biden has been able to give assurance to all the international investors that the policies of the government would be helpful in order to protect America from a potential catastrophic financial default. He has great faith in the policies of his government which are channelized towards improving the economic help of the banks and Financial Institutions of the country. As Congress for the budget session he has extended the deadline to unlock a path in order to reduce the death burden by the end of first June. The Treasury Department of the United States will help to reduce the obligations and also develop policy for easing the financial chaos in the country. The Biden Government is confident to reach an agreement on budget and all the international deadlines of loan will be met. The negotiations behind the alternations of terms of loan agreements with international partners have been postponed for the time being.


The American president is occupied with the G7 summit in Japan. He is trying to hold a Collateral meeting with financial advice from South Korea and Japan along with the Summit so that a solution can be reached as soon as possible. The finance minister of Japan has agreed to assist the United States of America in such a situation. The president of America is also aiming to enter into a solid agreement with the Japanese leaders in order to improve the economy and dilute the debt of the country. All the leaders of the Congress including the vice president and the house minority leader have expressed their faith in the government policies and decisions which will not let the United States of America default on any of its obligations. If this happens then it would shake the foundation of America according to Biden.


According to Congress there is a constant conflict between the White House official and the leaders of all the countries who are participating in the G7 Summit. The entire focus of the Congress is to finalise the deal which could save America from bankruptcy. The total value of the loans is more than 32 trillion dollars. The negotiators have decided to utilise the unutilized amount of 30 billion dollars that was kept for emergency during the pandemic. The United States of America is currently not facing any serious pandemic issues and it will be advisable to utilise the fund to save the country from bankruptcy in the future. Both the republicans and democrats have agreed to such a kind of arrangement.

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