Salman Khan did a live show in Kolkata; people also showed a lot of enthusiasm.

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Salman Khan has done a live show inside Kolkata after 16 years; he had done one hundred there 16 years ago, but since then, he has not done any such work there, and now, this time, he has expressed apprehension about working there. After this, there was a huge crowd, and Salman Khan’s craze was very high inside Kolkata, where people liked him very much; However, we get to see Salman Khan’s fan following continuously all over India; when he reached Kolkata after so long, the people welcomed him with great enthusiasm.


After this show, Salman Khan said he felt pleased to come here and with him, Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez, Pooja Hegde, Guru Randhawa, and many other famous Bollywood actors were present there, and they danced during this show. He was seen doing a song, and after that, he was seen going to the wedding, which the audience enjoyed a lot, and Salman Khan was also feeling good about reaching there because such a prominent actor had come somewhere after so long. So this is an excellent achievement for him; Salman Khan is considered a massive star of Bollywood, he is seen winning the hearts of fans every year with his films, and he always releases his movie on the occasion of Eid.


After a long time, both Mamta Banerjee and Salman met and talked about security.


Salman Khan met West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee there, and Salman Khan expressed his desire to meet the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee. After that, Mamta Banerjee welcomed Salman Khan by giving him a shawl; later, she said that she welcomed him very much in West Bengal and had made all arrangements for his security so that he would not face any problems inside West Bengal. He can easily do his show here.


Discussions were going on for a long time to do this show, but Salman Khan was repeatedly receiving threats from Lawrence Bishnoi, due to which they continued to move forward, and now Salman Khan has received this threat from Lawrence Bishnoi. He had accepted that he would kill them very soon, but now Salman Khan has decided to do this show and said that he would do this show which will be seen, and the West Bengal chief minister said that he should get Z plus security inside West Bengal. Although Salman Khan now has Z plus security inside West Bengal, the Chief Minister provided this security.

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