People and governments of all countries are troubled because of the ongoing internal war in Sudan.

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Citizens of almost all countries live in Sudan, so all countries are in a lot of trouble because their people are trapped there, and how to get them out; they are being worried day and night, but at the moment, this war has appeared a bit calm. Taking advantage of this, the Indian government has sent 370 Indians from Sudan to Delhi, and till now, more than 2100 to 2200 Indian people have been rescued. This campaign was launched late at night by the Indian government, due to which 125 Indians were airlifted.


According to the report, we had come to know that when this information was received from the office of the Air Force, he told us that we started this operation at midnight of 27 to 28 April, which was very difficult for us, but we were successful in it. Stand firm, and we were determined to save our people from there. Seeing the security in it, Air Force commandos were spread all around, and Indian people were secured there, and this operation was made successful by Capt. Ravi Nanda Ravi Nanda deserves a lot of congratulations and will be honoured for this.


People of the same country fighting among themselves, this will not be right for Sudan at all.


Due to this war, many people were trapped in trouble; although we had never seen this civil war in Sudan before, now this war started between Sudan’s army and Sudan’s house. This war is going on between the security forces, in which Sudan has suffered a lot. This war is not with any other country but between Sudan itself, in which no one else is harmed; only Sudan is harmed.


The citizens living there, who have come from different countries and live here, have faced many problems.As we know that for the last many years some Indian families are living in Sudan and they have been living there with their families for many years and they had no objection there during this time.Still, India’s Government is doing its work very responsibly, due to which so far, many Indians have been evacuated from there and evacuated safely. For other Indians stranded there, the Government of India claims they will bring them all completely. I will get them out safely and not let anything happen to them.



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