The film has not even been released yet but the tickets for Salman Khan’s upcoming movie are being sold for Rs 1300.

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Before its release, the tickets have come on booking, and people are constantly looking at it offline. The booking has also started, and a full houseful is already expected in the theater. The producer of this film has said that if you go to watch it in the theater, then its ticket will cost you 1340, which is very reasonable. It is expensive, and if a family goes together to watch this film, they will spend about ₹ 10,000 on it, and the food and drinks together remain separate. It is also said that like this If the craze of this film continues to grow, we will see it breaking all its records, which Salman Khan’s films have often done.


Salman Khan releases some films on the occasion of Eid inside Bollywood because he likes it very much and never wants to miss this opportunity. He wants to take full advantage of this opportunity for the people with him to celebrate the occasion of Eid, go inside the theater, and enjoy his movies to the fullest. Salman Khan has a lot of crazies among his people. We see tickets being sold for 1300 and there is little time left for the film’s release, due to which all the preparations have been made. It is yet to come to the theaters, for which all the people are eagerly waiting, and for those who have already booked their tickets, he looks forward to seeing it.


People were eagerly waiting for Salman Khan’s movie, Salman Khan has worked hard


Salman Khan has also been working on his upcoming film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan for a long time, and now he is also very happy that his film will be seen in theaters soon. It has been released on the spot and has created a different history of its own. Its producer Vivek also said that if you do not want to watch this film inside the theater, you can enjoy it by watching it directly on OTT. Also, because of OTT, You will not have to spend so much on it, and you will be able to enjoy it with the family. At this time, there was so much crowd inside the theaters that tickets started selling in black too, and people took full advantage of this. Those who bought tickets later sold them to others at a higher price, from which they got a good profit. Mostly Salman Khan releases his movies on Eid and this movie of his is also going to be released on Eid.


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