The liver helps in almost all the functions of the body, taking special care of it.

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The name liver which may sound very small but you will be surprised to know that it helps in more than 600 functions of our body. If this is not taken care of, then all these functions will be disrupted, resulting in the body becoming home to many diseases. Fatty liver is a severe problem in these diseases called the silent disease. Due to changing lifestyles and eating habits due to a lack of attention to oneself, maintaining overall liver health has become a challenge. Also, excessive consumption of alcohol damages the liver and develops a disease, which is fatty liver.


Know what fatty liver is, its symptoms, and how it can be avoided. This fat accumulated in the liver hinders the functioning of the liver by causing inflammation. Fatty liver is a progressive disease whose initial symptoms are usually not visible, but by reaching the last stage, serious diseases grip the body. This disease is mainly found in people who consume alcohol excessively. Due to excessive consumption of alcohol, the body is not able to detoxify properly, and metabolism is also affected. Due to bad eating habits, high blood pressure, and obesity, a person can fall prey to this disease even if he does not drink alcohol.


Most liver problems are caused by eating waste. Most people eat food that is difficult to digest, which affects the liver, so always remember to minimize the intake of substances that take time to digest so that your liver remains healthy.


Symptoms are rarely seen due to liver damage; pay attention to these symptoms.


Liver diseases are initially without symptoms, and when they take a big form and harm the body, some of their symptoms come to the fore. Nevertheless, there are some such signs that liver damage or any other major disease can be saved by understanding this disease.


  • Upper abdominal pressure/persistent abdominal pain
  • Feeling constantly tired and weak.
  • loss of appetite.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Frequent digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea.


If you want to avoid serious diseases like fatty liver, liver cancer, and liver failure, you should minimize consuming junk food and fried food. Change your sedentary lifestyle. Maintain weight according to age and height. By following these habits and regular consultations with the doctor, one can lead a healthy life by preventing fatty liver disease and other conditions.


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