Italy’s biggest news of this time is that 2000 kg of cocaine powder was found in the sea of Italy.

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The price of this cocaine powder is said to be 3000 crores, and this cocaine was sealed in more than 70 waterproof packets and Italy. It has been recently recovered in the sea, and it is being said that it was thrown by someone in the Mediterranean Sea and floated to the shores of Italy. It was seized in Italy and found to have a large amount of cocaine. The Customs Department of Italy is saying that this is the biggest haul of drugs in history, which the Customs Department of Italy has seized, and to hide this cocaine, it is packed in a waterproof packet. By doing this, it was thrown into the sea by a cargo ship, and shortly before, New Zealand also extracted 3600 kg of cocaine from the Pacific Ocean. It was sealed in 82 packets and thrown into the Pacific Ocean, which New Zealand recovered. The aim was to supply it to Australia, but New Zealand seized it in the middle way.


Drug addiction has increased a lot among people, and seeing this addiction, the world is getting drunk a lot, and day by day, new Are doing new drugs, and now we will talk about cocaine and drug powder. But the point is that there is almost no difference between the two. Still, it is one of the biggest drugs in the world, and once a person becomes addicted to cocaine powder, then believes that His life is handed over to cocaine powder, we can say that once person addicted cocaine powder, it is very difficult for him to leave the addiction, he can leave his life but does not stop consuming cocaine powder.


Its addiction is very bad, and Despite being expensive, people regularly consume.


It is a drug that is very expensive in the market and usually. It is usually banned everywhere but is still sold because some suppliers or people sell it secretly. They also sell it somewhere, and the people who want to buy it want to go anywhere and buy it at any cost because this addiction is such that people do not keep money in mind. Only they want this powder because it is a Once this addiction dominates a person, it never comes down from the mind and heart of a person. However, a person sacrifices his life but cannot give up this very dangerous addiction. that can even kill people.


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