Atiq and Ashraf’s killers were sent to Naini Jail

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Recently, a huge murder occurred in Prayagraj, UP. Suddenly, three people came into the dress media and shot the head of Atiq Ahmed and then shot the head of Ashraf Ahmed and piled them in the same place. After that, the police immediately arrested these three accused. And this matter had become very challenging for the UP government because a few days ago, the Yogi government had said that a notorious gangster like Atiq Ahmed would be brought to the right place as soon as possible, and now when he was killed. If the matter gets stuck, the three accused’s names are Lavlesh, Arun, and Sunny.


All three have been arrested by the police and sent to Naini Jail, where Ateeq Ahmed’s son is also there. He came and surrendered, he is under police custody in the case of extortion of 5 crores, and he is also in Naini Jail. Will submit the report, and for this, he has been given two months to complete the investigation of this matter and hand it over to the Allahabad court within two months. More questions are being raised about the UP government because of the increasing encounter in the UP government.


Earlier the UP government was going to punish Atiq Ahmed but now his murderers.


Both of these gangsters took a long time to come to the hands of the police and despite doing many wrong things, they were not caught. After his murder, the UP government is also under suspicion and the government wants that kind of action should be taken in this case. And action should be taken against the accused who killed them as soon as possible and to punish them severely, the court there has deployed the police and has told the police that whatever action will be taken against them.


The police should go as far as possible, although the dead bodies of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed were buried yesterday and about 100 people attended their funeral, thus after the death of these two brothers, the atmosphere in Prayagraj is very calm and But Section 144 has also been imposed because the UP government does not want any kind of disturbance there so that the people there face any problem and no one who gives trouble to the people can come there and the police will also do all the investigation continuously. The way this murder has happened, some action will be taken against them as soon as possible. The Yogi government has also said it will do everything possible.




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