Sri Lanka will sell 100000 monkeys to China – Sri Lanka ready to sell but after knowing the exact reason

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The economic condition of Sri Lanka is becoming very weak, and it is now resorting to different methods to strengthen its economic condition. Go and make every possible effort to strengthen the economic situation inside your country. Recently, it has been heard that Sri Lanka will sell one lakh monkeys to China. However, China has already demanded this from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has concluded with its environment minister to consider this and proceed.


These monkeys inside Sri Lanka have caused a lot of damage because this monkey destroys the coconut crop very much. They affect the country, and they caused a huge loss of 157 crores in the country last year. Keeping this in mind, Sri Lanka respects the decision to reduce the rate of monkeys from Sri Lanka and sell them to China. The money she got should be used for the country’s benefit, and she is constantly trying to clear all the debts in the country.


China is being viewed with suspicion after the Coronavirus


She is constantly discussing it, and people also say that What China will do with these monkeys, whether China will take them there and make their meat or use it in any other modification, has yet to be discovered. What will you do by taking them to your country? It is not right for any country to harm anything in the environment. May it create a new problem with these monkeys. If we give up, we have been suffering from Coronavirus for many years.


That, too, is a miracle of China that, to date, we have not been able to recover from that disease, and due to the failure of China, today, the whole world is suffering from this disease. There was a discussion on this in the country and abroad that China will have to give complete information in the right way about what it is going to do with these monkeys by taking them to its country, and if it is ready for this, then only to tell buy these monkeys from Sri Lanka otherwise they will not even be allowed to buy monkeys from Sri Lanka has always been seen doing wrong with someone or the other.


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