Myanmar army rained bombs on the crowd, many lives lost

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In many places in the country and abroad, something is happening all the time which causes much damage to our environment. Our nature goes into a lot of damage because that work which is not good for nature, we humans. That kind of work should not be done, however, which is shelling or gunpowder or bombing, it not only harms the general public, but it also harms our nature a lot. At the same time, our general public should keep this thing in mind, or every country abroad should remember how much damage it will cause to our nature and our environment and how much more it will be for us in the future. It could be dangerous.


More than 100 women and children lost their lives


Now if we talk about Myanmar, the country of Myanmar killed more than 100 people in a shelling yesterday, and the number of women and children inside it is being told very high. The country of Myanmar has done a very bad thing, and they have also done a lot of bombing, which has caused a lot of damage to the surrounding areas. There will be a lot of damage in the future, although the UN has expressed concern over this and said it had done badly. If anything is wrong with it, the UN will take action against it, and there is no way to do so.


Permission UN does not give any country the right to cause harm to the general public or any human being without any reason and any information from the UN. Myanmar country has acted, and the UN has also said that It is very sad to hear that in a country this kind of violence happens. They can not do anything about it, but for this, they will take action, and if anything they get, it will not be good for Myanmar at all, And the UN will give full help in giving him the harshest punishment.


The UN wants that there should be peace in the whole world and there should be no violence anywhere, and two countries should make peace with each other and not war. It wants any country to go to war, and that’s why it continuously sends information to outside countries that they should not give birth to any violence in their country and take immediate action against violent people. Along with the UN, it is also a policy that every country confirms the peace-loving atmosphere inside and then treats that country accordingly.

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