People of Pathankot put up missing posters of Sunny Deol – know why?

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Sunny Deol is a name that is very popular all over India because Sunny Deol has done many such films in Bollywood which people have liked very much, and his Jo Ghadar is a love story in which he went to Pakistan to hand pump. Even today, people like to see that scene very much, but after that, when Sunny Deol started appearing less in the film industry, after that, when he contested from Pathankot and was elected to the post of MP, then people raised a lot. He was made a Member of Parliament, and supported him a lot. Still, recently posters of missing Sunny Deol have been put up in Pathankot, and the youth are circulating these posters at the bus stand, railway station, and public place. They are being put up or pasted, and through those posters, the youth say that our MP is missing. Since becoming the MP, he has never come to Pathankot or been seen anywhere at the same time.


Along with pasting the poster of Sunny Deol, he also wanted to say that he should resign because after becoming an MP, he has yet to appear in Pathankot. And this poster has been put up all over Pathankot by the members of the Aam Aadmi Party along with the Joint Secretary or through him or with his help.


People said that after Sunny Deol became MP, not a single work has been done till now.


People say that the works which should have been done in Pathankot If not a single work has been done, then all the people believe that Sunny Deol should resign from the post of MP, and some people say that people are yearning to see their MP or are unable to see their MP. Youngsters say that ever since Sunny Deol, a very big actor, became a Member of Parliament, he has not been seen in Pathankot, nor has he done any work for Pathankot or anywhere else.


So it has been said that there is a lot of anger among the youth, and the youth is pasting posters of Sunny Deol at various places. Wherever there is a public place, the posters of Sunny Deol are being seen, and on them, It is written that our MP is missing, and below that is the demand of the people or the demand of the general public that Sunny Deol leaves the post of MP and resign and another person should be elected as MP. This process should be done as soon as possible because people believe that he is not happy with Sunny Deol, and after becoming an MP, he looks very angry with Sunny Deol.


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