Bollywood’s famous actor Salman Khan receives death threats again

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Bollywood’s famous artist Salman Khan, whose name is known by people all over the world and in all the countries in the world, Salman Khan is the only name everyone knows, and many people like to watch Salman Khan’s films. Because nowadays he is seen in so many roles in films that when he comes, people like him very much and his role is of such a type that he is very visible and his role which adds charm to the film is his. It is shown, but at the moment, there is a lot of discussion about Salman Khan because Lawrence Bishnoi, who is considered a notorious criminal, is lying behind Salman Khan.


He is repeatedly saying that he will kill Salman Khan. So behind this, the court ruled a few days ago that Salman Khan is now completely free or not in danger of anything. He can lead his everyday life, and a few days ago, a big case of Salman Khan had been pending for many years. It is going on that when Salman Khan killed a deer, a case was registered against Salman Khan, and he was sentenced for it, but Salman Khan got rid of it some time ago, but now he is facing a notorious criminal. And recently, Salman Khan also received a threat and the person threatening him told his name as Rocky, and he told Salman Khan that Salman Khan would be killed on April 30, that is, on April 30, Salman Khan’s death is certain.


Rocky Bhai threatens to kill Salman Khan on March 30 – Salman’s security beefed up


It is known that the criminal threatened Salman Khan on the phone that he could leave till April 30. After April 30, he would not be visible to the world. We can say that on April 30, the criminal threatened to kill Salman Khan, now it has to be seen how Salman Khan protects himself or how he can escape from these criminals, and in the meantime, when the Mumbai Police investigated it, they came to know that The criminal who is telling his name as Rocky, is a resident of Jodhpur, Rajasthan and says that he will kill Salman Khan on April 30 and in view of all these threats, recently Salman Khan has also bought a bulletproof car. Because the danger to his life has increased and threats to kill him are coming daily, seeing that Salman Khan has increased his security, and he has started paying full attention to his security.


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