Nandini milk brand remains ahead of Amul in Karnataka; Congress slams BJP government for weak leadership

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The cold war between two major dairy brands continues in Karnataka. It seems that Nandini Milk is taking over the Amul brand in Karnataka.

Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association supports Nandini Milk in cooperating with the state farmers of the dairy industry. This decision was soon taken after the reputable dairy brand Amul of Gujarat decided to step into the Bengaluru dairy sector.

Kannadigas go for Nandini Milk

The current situation precisely shows how strongly Kannadigas are supporting Nandini Milk over the Amul brand. In their statement, the hotel association supported coffee and Nandini milk with huge pride.

Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association also added that some milk brands are trying hard to enter the Karnataka market.

Congress criticizes BJP government over milk issue

On the controversy of huge dairy giants, Congress criticized the BJP government for framing a conspiracy to damage the reputation of the Nandini milk brand in the state. Congress leader Siddaramaiah told Kannadigas not to purchase any Amul products.

Siddaramaiah further added that all people of Karnataka should prevent the legacy of the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) in the state. He further told that the BJP government is trying to establish its monopoly by betraying the farmers. He also added that the government is trying to close KMF which will affect millions of farming families in India.

The matter calls for the intervention of state CM

Siddaramaiah directed the Chief Minister of Karnataka Basavaraja Bommai to look into this matter. He told that CM must stop Amul from taking over the power in the state immediately.

Statement of Amul

Amid the controversy, Amul took to the social media site Twitter by leaving a post with the “LaunchAlert” hashtag. The company said that it is now entering another southern zone from Kengeri market to Whitefield in Bengaluru.

In the second tweet, Amul shared that it will use commerce platforms to deliver milk, curd, and other dairy products in the state.

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