Women should get compensation for living after divorce

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Often we see that due to domestic violence, the husband and wife cannot maintain the relationship that they deserve, and there are fights between them, and then the same thing reaches divorce, and if the divorce does not happen, then there will be more problems. It goes because the wife needs a daily allowance so that she can live, meet her needs, and simultaneously serve her children or her parents. For this, she can demand it from her husband because in India, In the law which was made for Hindu marriage under the 1955 Act, there is a rule that if any woman who takes divorce or does not take divorce or stays away from her husband or for some reason they are not able to live together then only If the quarrel between them, which is a major cause of domestic violence, continues, then she can demand allowance for the children who live with her.


It came out that a woman filed a petition in the court for her child, which the Supreme Court rejected. The Supreme Court rejected her, saying that she is an MBA graduate and should not demand allowance from her husband. Her husband is a doctor by profession, but now he is unemployed, so he refuses to give her money. So she filed a petition in court. Still, the petition Supreme Court rejected it, and now the woman is angrier with the court because she could not get what she wanted, and now she will not get any allowance from her husband, due to which the court has forbidden her to earn her living on her own. Take care of the children yourself because they deserve this degree to maintain themselves in such a situation. Don’t bother your husband too much because it is not right for him at all.


Compulsory is not yet, women are trying to make it their right


The court will never allow it, for this does not give a thought. It is better to obey the court’s order because going against the court was not in his favor. He has to respect the court’s decision, and if the law of the country of India is seen, then it is in our favor. We think it is right to respect him, and if we go against him, then it is not good for us. It is against the culture of our country, it is against the law of the country, and it is not at all right to do so with the country because Supreme The court orders only those who can do good for everyone and are good with us and we can do all our work only by following the law of the country. % share has to be given, and for this, her husband has to agreeĀ  to her



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