Disease checking ATM machine has arrived – all the diseases of the body will be detected easily

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Often when we hear the name ATM, we think that we mean by ATM that either we have to withdraw money, or we have to do any bank-related work with ATM, but this time ATM The word is also associated with a test machine, which test machine will tell what disease a person has. It is very surprising how we can check all the diseases of our body through the machine, but in reality, A huge feat has happened in Lucknow, about 70 crore rupees have been spent on it, half of which has been given by the government and half by a trust association. When this machine was discussed, it was proposed.


There were many questions in front of the people and front of the government, such as what would happen if the machine misdiagnosed someone’s illness, what would that person do when he was diagnosed with a dangerous disease, and if the machine If someone is told something wrong, then what will be its effect on the human being and the biggest thing is that how will we test this machine or how will it be used, keeping all these things in mind, many doctors were consulted, And it was also consulted with many scientists and in the end, it was concluded that it is a perfect strategy and in less time than this, we can examine many patients.


For the first time such a machine was seen which will do full body checkup in 10 minutes


This automatic machine is considered a very big machine in itself. Because this type of construction has yet to be done anywhere in India and for the first time, we have got to see that with an ATM we can also check our diseases and its most important thing is that in 10 minutes only we can check our diseases. You can get the test report of 6 to 7 diseases of the body. Surprisingly, it isn’t easy to give the report of 6 to 7 tests in just 10 minutes because when we go to the hospital, we take our Even if we get any one method of the body examined, it takes a lot of time. If we go in the morning, we must go to the hospital from morning to evening. Still, this time the Indian government has made this very good machine so that We can check our bodies in only 5 minutes or 10 minutes. We can get its complete report, this will also save us time, and we will be able to know soon what is the disease in our body and what is not there.


If a person is serious, then his treatment can be started immediately after examining him in a few minutes and outside the same machine center, we will also have an ambulance facility so that if a person is in serious condition, he can be taken directly from there to a bigger hospital. He will be referred to the doctor, and his treatment will be started there immediately.

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