Dharmendra Singh looks young even today, know what is the secret of his fitness

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aWe often talk about fitness and that it is essential to keep our body fit. In the meantime, Bollywood star Dharmendra Singh, who has a very great personality, said that even at the age of 87, we could take care of our bodies or How we can keep our bodies fit at the same time. He said that no matter how old a person is, it is very important to stay fit because if a person is not well, he will have to face many diseases. If a person is a victim of many diseases If he goes, his life will be in trouble.


He will keep fighting with diseases his whole life, so while discussing this, Dharmendra Singh said that no matter how old a person is, he should exercise continuously and continuously. We should keep working on our body, due to which a person always remains healthy and fit, and if we see a fit person or a healthy person, then we know that this person is a person in himself. It keeps a different image because a healthy person is always visible to us with positive energy.


An internally fit person is always happy


If a person is fit, we see a different smile. On the other hand, if the person is not fit or the body of the person is not fit, then that person will look lazy because he is suffering from the disease. When he is fighting, his face always makes it seem that this person is suffering from some other disease or his body is suffering from some disease. In this discussion told by Dharmendra Singh, his son Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol praised him very much and also said that even today, our father does so much exercise even at this age. He also does swimming so that his body looks very good and curvy.


Understanding this discussion, Dharmendra Singh wanted to tell his audience that no matter how old he becomes, if he exercises continuously and works on his body continuously, he will never have to suffer from diseases. And if he does not suffer from diseases, he will enjoy his life very much and will go ahead because a healthy person can do anything a healthy person can think. Of course, that person can do that work.


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