Punjab Kings beat Rajasthan Royals in the 16th season of IPL

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The 16th season of IPL is witnessing back-to-back good matches. We are constantly seeing that many teams are trying their best to lift the IPL final trophy and the battle of IPL. He is continuously on, although IPL has just started, and has greatly increased his identity in IPL. Yesterday the match was against Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Super Kings. Both of those teams performed very well, although Punjab won this match by 5 Won by runs because Punjab scored 197 runs in the first play and gave Rajasthan Royals a target of 198 runs. The Rajasthan Royals team looked very good, and they chased down the target but could not win the match. Pie and he was five runs away. In this match, Josh Butler took two very good catches, which benefited the team.


He took both diving catches, and he performed very well. Although he could not do much in batting, he greatly enjoyed fielding and fielded well. Although he is a wicketkeeper, being Sanju Samson, he does not do wicket keeping Ashwin’s run out in this match was also to be seen because when he saw Dhawan walking forward, he stopped completely. He tried to get him out, but he gave a warning. Although he appears to be getting out like this and thus this case will be very exciting, and it became very exciting in the match, which was Hetmyer of Rajasthan.


Sikhar Dhawan played an unbeaten inning of 86 runs, still could not win the team


He played a very good inning, but that did not lead the team to victory. He was able to go, and he was also run out when three balls were left. He left this responsibility on Juyal but did not live up to it, and Juyal also could not take the team to victory. In this way, Rajasthan lost its second match. Has been.


He may have won the first match by a huge margin, but after losing the second match, he felt very bad because he went too close to this match, but then it was very embarrassing for him to lose this match like this. Similar matches are happening continuously in the IPL, from which the public is getting a lot of excitement. However, in yesterday’s match, Shikhar Dhawan hit a fiery shot in front. It hit Rajapaksa’s hand, so he suffered a severe injury. Lagi and Dhawan have apologized, saying that he plays very well in front of them and needs to take a little care.

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