Donald Trump is still in controversy regarding the allegation related to him.

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What is becoming most famous now is that the former President of America, Donald Trump, has been accused of a huge allegation about the way he paid money to a porn star or kept her mouth shut. So that he does not open his mouth that he had illicit relations with them, for which he had given money from the election expenses during the campaign. Because of that, there is a very shameful incident in politics in America that all the presidents before him have never been accused of this case.


In the history of 234 years of America, no case has been filed against any President, and neither has he had to go to court. But now their own President will have to go to court as well, and there is every possible attempt that he can be jailed for four years because he gave ₹ one crore from an election fund to the porn actress.


America’s legal style is much better than other countries


The working style of the court in America is different. There are two juries in it, one grand jury and one trial jury. There are 16 to 23 members inside the Grand Jury, and it is a meeting that runs inside a closed room because only they can participate inside it. Apart from this, the accused or the accused’s lawyer should also not participate in it. Because this is a very secret meeting, it is discussed whether the accused against whom these allegations are leveled is true or in what context they are being leveled. And what is the punishment for those who have been charged with this? And how can he see them? The Grand Jury decides all these things. This is the working style of America, that their jury is divided into two departments.


The second jury, that is, the trial jury, consists of 10 to 12 members, and all those members are involved. Discussions are held on the allegations against the lawyer and the accused, and this meeting is of 10 to 12 members. They also do that meeting alone; no common person can listen to it, nor can any of their lawyers listen to it. Their decision is considered, their legal arguments are heard, and then according to that, they have to give the decision, or whatever is decided in favor of the law, they give their decision accordingly. From this, you can see how America’s working style shows itself different from other people or other countries, and it is also a very good thing there that the case they have against the former President is the case. They have made their democracy very strong and very correct because by doing this, there will be a very peaceful atmosphere in their country, and the common people will believe that their democracy is very different and very good. Acts so that the law is equal for all men.

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