Saunf will make you fit – know its benefits

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Nowadays, everyone focusing on fitness. Whether it is exercise or gym, whatever it is, he makes every possible effort. No matter how his body remains healthy, and healthy because if his body remains healthy and healthy, then he will be able to do some achievement in life even if he does not marry for it. If we go ahead with these things, some good things are essential to remember. Often, we mix fennel and sugar candy and consume it daily.


Then it helps to keep our blood clean. It increase level of calcium, potassium, and fiber. We often see fennel and sugar that are kept on the table after eating food in any hotel or at home. If our taste has changed or deteriorated, we first ask for fennel and sugar because sugar candy is said to be the purest form of sugar. After all, it does not contain any chemical mix, and even sugar candy is the most undiluted juice. It is believed that if it is tested with fennel, it is considered even better. Often it has been told suffering women that they should consume fennel and sugar regularly.


Sugar will reduce the level of acid in the body


To get relief from their diseases, it is very important for women who have anemia, as well as Sopur Amino acids are found in sugar, which is very good for our blood. Fellow fennel and sugar are beneficial in reducing the acidity inside our stomach. It helps significantly if we consume saunf with coriander and sugar, which makes our digestion system very comfortable. Ayurveda has told everyone a perfect tonic. If somebody has a disease like asthma, he should take saunf. Fennel leaves should be boiled and steamed; this will help them a lot and keep the immune system strong. Due to the antibacterial properties of fennel, it helps eliminate all the bacteria inside our mouth if mixed with sugar.


If fennel is taken in the mouth, the test of the mouth changes and the smell of the mouth also disappears. Our constipation will go away from our eyes, the blood pressure of our eyes will go away, and it helps keep the digestive system of our food very correct. Diseases like hair loss, conditions like thyroid and reduced bad cholesterol, and our skin gets a lot of shine if we have many problems in our eyes or lack of eyesight. Even then, we can consume all of them regularly. Due to regular consumption of fennel, the retina of our eyes starts working, and the brightness of our eyes increases a lot.



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