Orders given to check voter list in Jammu and Kashmir – Opposition alleges postponing elections

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In Jammu and Kashmir, the Election Commission has ordered a fresh review of the lists. Now the state’s politicians are agitated over the order to do it afresh. They allege that the government is doing this to bring the elections. In the new review program, April 1 has been considered as the date of eligibility. Apni Party chief Altaf Bukhari said that since 2018, there had been procrastination. Many opposition parties trying to pause the election.


After completing the delimitation process in the state, this will be the second campaign to revise the voter list. In the second phase, the voter list will be changed from April 1.

The opposition said – Election Commission is giving a shield to BJP. The Election Commission is supporting the people of the BJP. Jai Keva Bharat Mukhari said he was crying out for bad weather, now bringing a new excuse. No impact on elections: Commission Chief Commissioner Rajeev Kumar said that the election program would not be affected by not considering October 1 as an election year.


The opposition said that all this will be against the security and privacy of the people.


The last election in 2014 became Union Territory in 2019. June 19, 2018, Mufti’s resignation after the withdrawal of BJP’s support Reforms can be done according to the 2023 situation. Meanwhile, the ongoing President’s Rule in the Union Territory has become the second longest.


In opposition to America, under the particular contract with India-China, America has planned a subsidy of about 2300 crore rupees to break China’s supremacy on the semiconductor. For this, the Semiconductors (CHIPS) and Science Bill was passed in the US Parliament on Thursday, but it is affecting not only the interests of China but also India. India objected, saying it violates the concept of a level-playing field. On this decision of America, China has said that America has consistently opposed the giving of industrial subsidies to the member countries of the World Trade Organization. Has his stand changed now?


Monitoring social media posts was justified by 20%. More than half of the people explained monitoring with CCTV and facial recognition. There has been a comprehensive survey about monitoring the private activities of fellow citizens due to security. In the survey, opinion was taken from posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to monitoring with CCTV, drone, and face recognition system and monitoring people’s phone and messaging. CSDS, Lokniti, and Common Cause have jointly monitored the political parties conducting the election survey of more than 10 thousand people nationwide. 65% believe that the political parties get the citizens monitored for the election survey. 38% believe that political parties use espionage to win elections. 45% think private companies and NGOs misuse data to influence elections. They have prepared this survey on digital monitoring through detailed interviews. More than half believe collecting biometric data on undertrial prisoners or suspects is right.

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