Over the Data Security Concerns, Italy Blocked the ChatGpt Temporarily

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Over the data security concern, the Italian Government Privacy Watchdog has blocked the ChatGPT, the artificial Intelligence software.

This announcement made Italy the first western Country to take such action against the AI Chatbot.

The Italian Data Protection Authorities’ move is temporary as long as AI Chatbot respects privacy. Its solution includes temporarily banning the business from holding the data of Italian Users.

Also, the watchdog stated that the ChatGPT developer Open Al has no legal statement to justify “ the collection of personal data and mass collection to train the algorithms fundamental to the functions of the platforms.”

It also highlighted a data breach that occurred on March 20 and was credited by an American Organization to a bug. The user’s personal information, payment information, and chats were exposed.

Since the ChapGPT was launched, millions of users have been within no days. Millions of users use this OpenAI Chatbot for many purposes, including its developmental architectural designs, songs, novels, writing essays, and jokes. 

Additionally, this ignited an AI race among venture capitalists and other tech organizations. Google is introducing Bard, Google’s own Chatbot. Quickly and financiers are funding a massive range of AI initiatives.

However, the reviewers have long questions about the source of ChatGPT and its rivals’ data and how they deal with this.” We have no idea about the data and how this will be used; there is not enough information given to the public ” Ruta Liepins, a student from the University of Bologna Al fellow, said to the media.

In the European Union, many new regulations and rules are being discussed. Still, the issue is how they implement and how many companies contribute to sharing the information essential for correctly understanding how these technologies function.

The Chatbots are powered by AI systems, known for larger language models, and can copy human writing styles based on the massive trove of digital books and online writing.

In addition, many universities and schools blocked ChatGPT from their local network about student plagiarism issues, but it needs to be clarified how Italy blocked this nationwide.

Moreover, this will affect the companies and organizations that already have a license with OpenAl to use the ChatGpt technology Chatbots like the Microsoft Bing search Engine.

This week many business figures and experts issued an open letter for a temporary pause in developing  AI systems.

The Italian watchdog gave a deadline of 20 days to submit what guidelines it has taken to make sure the data of users data or pay the fine of about $22 million of its global revenue.


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