Israeli police close a path leading to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound after shots were fired in the Old City of Jerusalem during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Saturday, April 1, 2023. (AP Photo/ Mahmoud Illean)

In Jerusalem, a Man was Killed Near Al-Aqsa by Israeli Forces

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A 26 years old boy named Mohammad Khaled al Osaibi was killed on Saturday near Al Aqsa by Israeli forces.

The man was entering the Al Aqsa compound when the police fired on the man and killed him; this depicts further violence.

The man killed on Saturday was from Houra named Mohammad Khaled  Al Osaibi, and Israeli police killed him. The incident took place near the chain gate at midnight, an access point to the Al Aqsa mosque compound, according to the police statement. 

However, according to the Palestinian worshipper’s statements, those who were there when the incident happened said the police shot him at least ten times. The boy tried to protect a woman in the Al Aqsa compound from police harassment, and they killed him. 

The police stated that the boy snatched a gun from the police officer and fired it in a scuffle. Even after the hours of the incident, the muddy stones of the Al Aqsa compound were covered with blood stains. 

Tens of thousands of worshippers from Jerusalem and the Israeli-occupied West Bank worshippers gathered there for Ramadan prayers at Al Aqsa Mosque, prompting the Israeli forces to increase their presence there.

Almost 2 million people gathered for prayer on Friday in Al Aqsa Compound, which passed peacefully.

According to an eyewitness, Noureddine lives near Al Aqsa; his last name is not shared. According to his statement, he saw the Al Osaiabi comfort police harassing a female worshipper on her way to Al Aqsa Compound, and he tried to protect her.

However, the relationship between Al Osaiba and the women is yet not disclosed: Noureddin further said there was some kind of disagreement between the police forces and Al Osaibi, and then he heard a dozen shots.

No one can imagine how many shots he stated; he also shared a video of shouting and screaming of Palestinian worshipers and vendors at the sound of bullets. 

According to the media reports, al Osaibi was a doctor and studied medicine in Romania. 

Al Aqsa is Islam the third holiest place, and every year in Ramadan, Israeli Forces attack the vendors, and worshippers gather for worship in Al Aqsa mosque. 

Massive Palestinian protests in occupied Palestine and Israeli territory began in 2021 due to the eviction of families from their houses in Jerusalem.

In addition, during the Ramadan raid on Al Aqsa mosque by the forces increased then, tension also increased four days later, an 11-day Israeli assault on Gaza started in response to the rocket fired by Hamas on Israel.


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