Indian Navy to get 13 Lynx-U2 fire control systems from Bharat Electronics Limited

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Indian Navy will soon get a series of 13 fire control systems. This system is known as Lynx-U2 and belongs to the 4th generation. From tracking targets of air to the surface, this system can do everything.

13 Lynx-U2 fire control systems will be installed in different kinds of Navy ships in the future.

Contract signed by Defence Ministry

A source reveals that a contract has been signed by the Defence minister with the Aerospace electronics company BEL. Bharat Electronics Limited in Bangalore will provide 13 strong Lynx-U2 fire control systems at a price of more than INR 1700 crore.

The contract has been signed on Thursday by the defense ministry.

Know about Lynx-U2 fire control systems

It is necessary to know what these fire control systems are. Lynx-U2 fire control system can check both surface and air targets perfectly. They contain many other interesting features such as:

  • These systems can produce target data to find weapon aiming points and specific targets.
  • It can be used with many short ranges and medium-range gun mounts like AK630 and A190 to carry out target combat.
  • Scalable network in these fire control systems makes them easy t use in various applications.
  • Lynx-U2 can be easily mounted on various navy ships like missile boats, destroyers, and frigates.
  • 10 systems were brought for Indian Navy for INR 1355 crore in December 2022
  • Indian Navy is well-versed with the techniques of using these fire control systems.

New hope for employment

The purchase of Lynx-U2 fire control devices is beneficial for India in various ways. It will create employment opportunities for around 2 lakh men. It will also reduce dependency of India on foreign companies to buy defense equipment.

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