If you want to keep your body fit then keep eating poppy seeds

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Many nutrients are found in our body, which helps run our body and blood circulation. Similarly, it contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulfate, and many other nutrients in our bodies. Iron is also an essential nutrient in these. Again, many nutritional minerals are also necessary for our bodies. If our body is deficient, many diseases give rise to them. Generally, due to a lack of magnesium, the bones become weak. Poppy is an important food item in fulfillment of all these, which, if consumed in proper quantity, can be very beneficial for our body.


Poppy seeds are one of the most essential ingredients in our kitchen, which is used with everything from Bada Pav to Bread. Poppy seeds are came from the plant and its rich of calcium.


One and a half hundred calories are found in 30 grams of poppy seeds. If it is consumed regularly in the right amount, then cholesterol in our body is very low, due to which any heart-related disease will not harm our body because the amount of fiber in it is also complete. It occurs. Poppy seeds are bread, pastries, kheer, gujiya, and many other sweets in which it is used. Along with this, it also contains minerals and vitamins, which are beneficial for the body. Regular use of poppy seeds helps get rid of diseases like blood pressure, blood glucose, constipation, mouth test, and frequent sleeplessness.


Due to the abundance of calcium, it strengthens the teeth and bones. It is considered best to take poppy seeds with milk. If you feel very tired and there is no courage in the body, then you get instant energy by eating it with milk, and due to the amount of protein, it gives continuous power to the body. Additionally, eating poppy seeds with milk is more beneficial in many diseases related to gas, constipation, and stomach.


It is considered best to eat raw poppy seeds, or it can be eaten with dry fruits. Grinding is perfect, and it is also eaten with bread pastries and can be eaten with salads. If we accidentally eat it by boiling it in hot water or keeping it in hot water, it can be fatal. It contains morphine, which mixes with water and starts working as a poison. By cooking it, 90% of its compound gets destroyed. Poppy seeds cure ulcers by killing bacteria.



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