Corona is returning – Corona cases are coming out from Maharashtra

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Once again, the world’s shocking news came to the fore. Once again, Corona hit, and every child knows about the corona epidemic. What are the disadvantages of this disease? Just a short time ago, the coronavirus spread worldwide. There was an outbreak due to which many were known, and there was an outcry in the whole world, but at present, we have come to know that Corona has once again knocked in Maharashtra, the largest state of our country India.


In the last 24 hours, 483 infected patients have been found in the form of Maharashtra, and out of them, three people have lost their lives, which is very dangerous. One thing is that 317 people have been cured out of these, but the biggest thing is due to Corona. It is said that three patients have lost their lives.


Can be a matter of concern for India


It will be a matter of concern that if it goes on increasing again in India, then it will be impossible for India to stop it, because last time when Corona knocked, many people of India lost their lives and the world too had succumbed, then again no government wants to enter the country, or again our country will have to bear its loss and if seen approximately, 2155 corona cases have been reported in the whole country throughout the day and in which again many corona cases are recorded. You will be shocked that the number of corona affected people had crossed 45 million. If we talk about the last six months, this is the most significant number of patients, and it is dangerous for us because if we continue to be negligent in this way, then again, Corona will spread in India. Will enter.


If we do not start taking precautions, then it may be that we may have to lose someone from our family, so if we want to avoid all these things, then we have to stop this epidemic in advance, and we should protect ourselves with the Indian government.


We will have to help and take whatever preventive measures we have to do continuously so that we do not suffer from this epidemic again because we all know that if we have once suffered from this disease or If we become sick, then it is not only impossible to avoid it, but it is impossible, so along with protecting ourselves, we also have to protect our family. Maharashtra is a huge state, and the number of Corona infected there continuously increases, which is a matter of concern.



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