Bird flu has returned – what are the symptoms and how dangerous it is

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There is terrible news for those who eat chicken bird flu has started happening again in chickens, and its symptoms have been seen in many humans. It is very dangerous for those who eat chicken and those who do. There is also a great danger for those who come in contact with them because of the speed with which this bird flu spreads in animals, and animals will show its effect in those who eat them. If seen, its great danger can also be seen in the human species. The only solution is that those non-vegetarian people who eat chicken will have to leave it for some time and stop its consumption. Otherwise, this disease will not be avoided.


Because if any person eats a diseased chicken, then that disease will necessarily apply to him. If the doctor’s opinion is to be believed, no concrete cure has been found yet, so till now, only prevention is the solution. It is not that bird flu has just come in the present time. A few years ago, the same bird flu was seen in chickens, which had the effect that many poultry farms had to kill millions of their chickens alive. was buried.


When he had come earlier, he had created terror


After these types of cases case, many forest guard personnel had also taken strict action, but the poultry farm people said that if we keep these chickens and a person eats a diseased chicken by mistake, then who is responsible for its death? Will be. That’s why we had to take this drastic step. So for this not to happen to you, stay away from your chickens in contact with this disease, and until this bird flu goes not go away, please stay away from chickens. Expert doctors say that the remedies for its prevention will come as soon as possible, but before that, man will have to take care of himself and stay away from it.


Many symptoms of bird flu are seen in chickens, such as swelling in chickens, as well as they stop eating and drinking, complaints of diarrhea start, and at the same time, the production of eggs also decreases ultimately.



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