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Selling cheap quality medicines leads to loss of license for 18 major Pharma companies

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It is not a new thing about pharma companies selling fake medicines to patients. A major crackdown has again occurred in the case of 18 Pharma companies that sold substandard drugs.

In this crackdown, the license of these pharma companies was canceled yesterday. The decision was taken after the companies sold bad-quality medicines and drugs. The medicines were checked by the authority of drug control.

Inspection in 20 states

According to a report, the inspection was carried out on around 76 pharma companies in 20 states of India. However, the authority has not disclosed the names of any pharma company where the inspection took place.

An official said that 18 pharma companies will lose their licenses for producing cheap quality medicines and drugs. He also added that these manufacturers have acted against the manufacturing laws.

Around 26 pharma companies have also received a notice after this major crackdown. It is revealed that the majority of Pharma companies were running their businesses from Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh.

Officials also said that around 203 firms in these 3 states were checked. They were all producing low-quality drugs and meds. Many other nations also doubt the quality of medicines sent from India.

Vision loss cases in the USĀ 

The questions about the quality of Indian medicines rose when many vision loss cases occurred in the USA. The name of a pharma company from Tamil Nadu came was linked with the production of cheap quality eye drops due to which these cases occurred.

A similar case occurred in Uzbekistan and Gambia when certain kids died after consuming cough syrups made by an Indian company. All these cases have raised doubt in the minds of many people about whether to trust Indian Pharma companies or discontinue the use of Indian drugs.

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