CCTV footage of Delhi streets shows Amritpal Singh walking without a turban

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Amritpal Singh is the most wanted person in India these days. A lot of news revealed him shifting from one state to another and so on. Recently, CCTV footage was released that showed Amritpal Singh walking on Delhi road and that too without a turban.

The footage even shows that Singh’s mentor Papalpreet Singh is walking behind Amritpal Singh. This video spread like fire on every social media site yesterday. It precisely showed a Pro-Khalistani leader walking without a mask and a turban.

CCTV footage belongs to the Delhi market

As per the sources, CCTV footage belongs to the Delhi market. The video shows Amritpal wearing sunglasses and walking on the street. Papalpreet Singh is walking just behind Amritpal with a small bag. However, the Punjab Police has not confirmed the news.

This footage caught the attention of every person on Tuesday. Amritpal Singh is shown walking with a beverage can. Both the persons look relaxed in CCTV footage. The mentor of Amritpal Singh was in regular contact with Pakistan’s agency ISI.

Police statement

Punjab Police is constantly searching for Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh these days. Many videos and photos have been posted on social media sites under the tag Waris Punjab De.

Punjab Police said that Amritpal Singh has succeeded in escaping police custody in various vehicles. He has changed his appearance several times and moved to various states of India.

Police also added that a woman from Shahabad in Haryana had given shelter to Amritpal Singh and his mentor Papalpreet Singh on 19th March. A few days later, CCTV footage showed Amritpal talking on a cell phone.

Arrests by police

3 weeks back, the supporters of Amritpal Singh destroyed Ajnala police station in Amritsar. 6 police officers got injuries in this incident.

After weeks, police have detailed many associates for creating disharmony and causing a disturbance in the state. Some prisoners are released on Sunday to take them in private custody.

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